How to Call a General Election: Go on Retreat

Retreats, ‘off-sites’, workshops.. you name it, it’s all the same thing. In this week’s post, inspired by the current Prime Minister of the U.K, Theresa May, the yogibanker describes the interesting effect of going on retreat… not just for yogis.

The psychology of the email out-of-office assistant

The email out-of-office assistant is an ever present part of the work email culture. The yogibanker explores some interesting habits of City professionals and reflects about what is really going on underneath…

Yin & Yang

the yogibanker reflects on finding that perfect balance between work and pleasure….

It’s not all about the money STUPID!

Bankers. Public enemy number 1. Most of them are well paid. However, for the vast majority of them, life inside is one very different experience. Its nothing but hard graft and extreme pressure with very high targets to be met and deals to be done. Fast cars, late night drinking, strippers, you name it, I’ve…

Bankers & Smart Watches

A friend of mine at my local deli in London which I frequent regularly came up to me with a big smile on his face and proudly stated he was going to get an Apple Watch. I know that he loved the I-phone and all that but something seemed wrong with this… So here we…

The yogibanker is born

Part yogi, part banker, part everything in between, the “yogibanker” is born and a force to be reckoned with….