#Yogaeverywhere.. Yoga at Frankfurt Airport!

A trip to Frankfurt airport turns into an unforgettable experience. How could it possibly be..? In this week’s post, the yogibanker tells the story of his adventures in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2’s yoga room – a random discovery that totally transformed his day….Find out more in this week’s post.

ο»ΏHeal thy Self? Why Yoga is More than Just a Practice

The practice of yoga in the west is traditionally associated with the more physical aspects of the practice. Stress reduction, flexibility, strength etc… But the extraordinary powers of yoga go further. In this week’s post, the yogibanker tells the story of how yoga has utterly transformed the lives of entrepreneurs Chris James and Niraj Shah plus a whole lot more… Your regular yoga class won’t be the same again.

5 Top Tips to Thrive in the City

The Yogibanker reviews Well Works debut event ‘Thrive in the City’. See the 5 top wellness tips I took away in order to really thrive in our daily lives.

Your Time or your Money… What’s your Bottom Line?

In my first post back after a short break from the blogosphere, I look at the concept of your time… or your money. Sometimes in life it really is as binary as that. Time is precious, and so is money. How do we get that balance right? Find out more in this week’s post.

Looking for a Good Night’s Sleep? Try Yoga Nidra

Yoga is well known to be great for relaxation. However, there is an even deeper practice – the practice of Yoga Nidra… In this week’s post, the Yogibanker finds himself on the floor of a retail store on a Friday night, practicing the art of yogic sleep….

ο»ΏHow Not to Practice What you Don’t Preach.Β 

Life is full of valuable lessons. Even more so when you start to build your persona around a more zen approach to living. In this week’s post, the yogibanker had a life changing decision to make which absolutely consumed him in the midst of it all. Practice what you preach.. its harder than you actually think.

Looking for Balance? How Wellness Actually Burnt Out

In the age of Wellness, the Balance Festival is a premier outing. However, following such event the yogibanker finds himself wrong footed, on the defensive and scratches his head wondering what the Wellness industry is all about….

Warrior II

In the first of a series of posts over seven days, I have the pleasure of sharing with you ‘Yoga in the City’.

Inspired by the philosophy of my project and sequenced according to a traditional yoga asana practice, these shots were taken from various landmarks around the City of London: the Bank of England, Royal Exchange, St Pauls Cathedral and Marble Arch.

Thanks to Yoga Photographer, Richard Pilnick for the great shots and inspiration (www.richardpilnick.com). Namaste.

Organic v Non-Organic: Come and Take a Closer Look….

The debate about the benefits of organic and nonorganic food seems endless. In this week’s post, the yogibanker shares with you some eye-opening pictures showing what organic and nonorganic food look like under the microscope. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

How to Call a General Election: Go on Retreat

Retreats, ‘off-sites’, workshops.. you name it, it’s all the same thing. In this week’s post, inspired by the current Prime Minister of the U.K, Theresa May, the yogibanker describes the interesting effect of going on retreat… not just for yogis.