Mindless Meditations

When we meditate, we find a new space. In this week’s post, the yogibanker shares his experiences and the lessons he has learnt from that space…

5 Top Foods to Eat Yourself Happy

We are what we eat. However, did you know that certain foods are well known to elevate our moods and make us ‘happy’? The yogibanker looks at 5 of his favourite foods that can help us feel calmer and more relaxed.

How to Practice Mindfulness with Email in the Workplace

Email is part and parcel of our daily life. The practice of mindfulness can really help us be more productive managing email, or in some cases make or break a career. Here I discuss my own experiences and lessons learnt….

City2Sand.. City Yogis do Glastonbury on the Beach

In a special mid week edition of Yogibanker, I talk to Amanda Fletcher, creator and founder of the inaugural City2Sand 2o17: The first festival of its kind to infuse yoga moves with funky house beats, plus more all by the sunny beach in South of Spain. Find out more here…

The Science of Gratitude

Gratitude is available to all us on a whim, but more often than not, our lives are embroiled in negativity. The yogibanker discusses that practicing gratefulness on a regular basis has a pronounced effect upon the brain…

What Does Your Yoga Practice Mean To You?

The practice of yoga is really all about the mind. However, the relationship that people have with their yoga practice is rich and varied. Here, I look a little deeper at this topic and find some interesting stories about how yoga has shaped people’s lives.

Yoga for Men

The topic of yoga and men is one that is not often associated with each other, in today’s female dominated industry. Yet, some of the best teachers today are men and historically, many of the leading yogis who developed the practice of yoga and its many traditions have been male too. In this week’s post,…

Want to Eat Healthy? Eat What Food is Right for YOU!

As the new year evolves, those of you who have set your intention to eat more healthily may be wondering what that really means. In the context of the myriad of dietary advice out there, one can only possibly be confused about what to eat, and what not to eat. So the FT has the first crack…

Yogibanker does the Yoga Diaries

It’s the second anniversary of my blog and what a year’s it’s been. A reflection of an interesting year for the yogibanker.. all documented in the Yoga Diaries!

A Guide to Being a Better Being: A Review

We all aspire to being a better person. In this week’s post, the yogibanker reviews with candid honesty his own mediation teacher’s recommendations, in Maggie Richard’s “A Guide to Being a Better Being”.

‘Ahimsa’ & the Violence of Being

A moment of clarity with a natural Aussie mould cleaning product inspires the yogibanker to look at “non-violence”, as one of the 8 limbs of yoga from a different perspective…

How Acupuncture Saved My Life 

The yogibanker describes what acupuncture is all about and how it has helped him in some difficult times working in the City.