Why the Wellness Revolution is all about…. being Grateful. Thank you Balance!

I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter break. Whilst we rest, we can take opportunities to be grateful for the simple things in life and for those who have helped us along our path.

This week, I dedicate my post to my friends at Balance magazine who were the first to give me a break in the July edition of their wonderful London based magazine. They recently invited me back for a photo shoot where I, and other busy Londoners, gave a short interview about what ‘balance’ means to us. The link to the article in this month’s fantastic edition is here. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did giving it (including finding the right ‘bright outfit’!) 🙂

A special thanks to Jade at Balance for allowing me to use their April front cover page for my blog post cover image this week. 

“Often in life, overcoming adversity and discovering a new path is what makes the beauty of life so magical…”


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  1. sbjupiter says:

    Scott I’m so pleased that you are being recognised for your fab blogs Love Suzanne

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    1. yogibanker says:

      Thank you Suzanne!


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