Yogibanker does the Yoga Diaries

Yogibanker does the Yoga Diaries

It’s just over two years since I started this blog. What began out of curiosity on a Saturday morning in the kitchen of a Parisian apartment in December, 2014 has now morphed into a life of its own.

To this extent, not in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up ‘coming out’ and writing in a London lifestyle magazine, doing yoga on Tower Bridge, or contributing to the Huffington Post,  nor doing yoga outside of the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange, for that matter.


Sunday morning Yoga class at the Royal Exchange


Yoga pros!

Whilst I have thought many times, long and hard how I wish to progress my idea further, during such time my message and my commitment to writing has not wavered: yoga WORKS and is for everyone, even for us much maligned banker types.

On this note, I have great pleasure in announcing as a farewell to 2016, the publication of my seminal work, ‘Autobiography of a Yogibanker’ in The Yoga Diaries –  A space dedicated to those who have achieved powerful mental, physical and spiritual transformation through practice of yoga. My story –  of men, yoga and the corporate world is a new addition to one of many interesting stories on The Yoga Diaries.  Originally written earlier in the year, it has been revised a little for this publication. Click here for the article. Thanks to Jeannie for publishing it and to Lindsey at Yoganuu for the suggestion!

Thank you to all my readers and to those who have especially supported and encouraged me, I have really appreciated it. Thank you of course to my loving partner, Susanne, who has acted as willing and enthusiastic proof reader in chief as well as patiently putting up with me as my vata mind flickered from one idea to the next! I look forward to 2017 with a plans for a new website to start and lets just see where it all evolves from there.. 🙂

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017.


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