A Guide to Being a Better Being: A Review

I have a lot to thank Maggie Richards for. In fact, if it weren’t for Maggie, this blog may not have developed as much as it has over the last year – I would probably not have found myself writing for a London lifestyle magazine, I’m pretty sure of that. To this extent, I am honoured to be able to provide my personal insights into Maggie’s debut narrative, “How To Be a Better Being”. Not only to be able to provide my insights, but I can relate so much of Maggie’s personal story to my own personal journey through meditation and yoga.

The spiritual path is a path well trodden. The honesty to that path though is not often well spoken. We may find such warriors in terms of their own personal conquest or journey (like Buddha), but we are far less accustomed to hearing a story of abuse and trauma. Even less so when such personal hardship becomes a source of inspiration for her spiritual journey. For without it, the path to her own liberation and closer relationship with the divine will in all of us would not have been possible. This then, is Maggie’s tale.

Whilst the story that Maggie tells is her own, it represents a microcosm of the macrocosm which is the story of all of mankind – the battle against the lower self. This in itself would be enough of a reason to read this book. A constant reminder of the lower self that manifests itself in our daily battle against negativity, fear, anger and anxiety – the lower self that is constantly trying to drag us down and stop us from achieving our full potential as human beings. If we could go to the doctor and ask for something to make these habits go away, we would. If only. Maggie’s book though shows that there is a way.

The remarkable nature of such story is that it comes from the shadows of taboo and shame, which is even more incredible given the bravery she demonstrates in putting her story to pen and paper. However, rather than be seen as a source of hardship, we learn that it is a means of joy and liberation, how grateful she is to be given the opportunity to follow the spiritual path and become a better being. If you were attacked one day, left fearing for your life and traumatised, would you forgive your assailant? Maggie did, and now smiles.

Maggie 🙂

Filled with case studies, practical examples and techniques that are available to all of us, Maggie shows that there are enormous benefits in simple acts of loving kindness as well as unlocking the spiritual energy pervading within all of us.

That all sounds beyond those whose ways operate in the mere physical world – which is fine on one level, but on the other limits the breadth of a human experience to lower possibilities. Some would say, that’s just life. Others might say, it’s ignorance. Read Maggie’s book and you may find that something may just click. It did for me. Available on Amazon in paper back or Kindle for £8.00/£4.82.


ps Maggie Richards will be teaching EXPANDED LIVING, a 6-week mindfulness-based personal development training, in London 17 January – 21 February 2017




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  1. Loretta Heywood says:

    Nice one Scotty this part is as if not more important than any spritual journey (-: and is in itself ,a journey to a spritual being if followed hey my mum is coming dec 16th to Elgin gig xx Maggie shows that there are enormous benefits in simple acts of loving kindness as well as unlocking the spiritual energy pervading within all of us.

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  2. Wow! Thank you for the recommendation, I am a huge reader and love finding a beautiful book to settle in with. I love your insights into how it “clicked’ for you!! Coming from the banking world, I do wish these practices would have been in my life at that time, but then, I wouldn’t be on the journey I am now 🙂

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    1. yogibanker says:

      Hi, thanks so much for your lovely comment and signing up to my blog 👍 My the aim of my blog is to show exactly that, we can cope whilst working in the banking world if we apply holistic ways.. good for you for getting out though! 👍 Best wishes, Scott

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      1. Ha! You made me chuckle at ‘getting out’ 😂, I really enjoyed it and it was great because it set up an awesome foundation for learning 🎉


      2. yogibanker says:

        Good for you! I have had thoughts of doing something similar 👍

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    2. yogibanker says:

      Ps you are most welcome! 👍


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