The Brexiteer’s Delusion – A Yogic Perspective

The Brexiteer’s Delusion – A Yogic Perspective

If there is one thing that winds up a quiet City yogi, it’s the topic of ‘Brexit’. A topic so divisive and complex in its origins, it’s really a question that this nation is incapable of answering prudently, with such serious consequences on the line.

With nationalism rising across Europe and also reflected in other anti-establishment movements worldwide, such as “Trumpism”, it is easy to see how this movement has infected the British population. The delusion of nationalism strikes a shot across the bow over any divided nation, as people struggle to reconcile their heads with their hearts.

This very process of self-determination and self-capitulation that is going on in Great Britain right now is even more disturbing in the context of the purely emotional nature of the debate – when ideology is faced with fact; when ignorance meets truth; and when fear encounters reality. As Fintan O’Toole commented in today’s Observer:

“Successful national independence movements usually have five things going for them: a deep sense of grievance against the existing order; a reasonably clear (even if invented) idea of a distinctive national identity; a shared (albeit largely imaginary) narrative of the national past; a new elite-in-waiting; and a vision of a future society that will be better because it is self-governing…The English nationalism that underlies Brexit has, at best, one of these five assets….None of the other four factors applies.”

As this piece demonstrates, the very basis of nationalism is a strong delusion or imagination of the vulnerable human mind, where the foundations of rational decision-making simply do not exist. Much of the problems in today’s world are a result of this phenomenon as people debate important topics in an utter vacuum of contempt for any sense of wisdom and reality. Yogis call it ‘Maya’. Buddhists would describe this in the concept of emptiness, that nothing really exists, at all.

The fact of the matter is that ‘Brexitis’ exists in the grandeur fantasy land of those arguing for it, without any knowledge of its actual impact or what they are voting for, let alone what sovereignty or democracy actually means at the EU level, (or the very lack of it in the UK for that matter either…).

Sovereignty is nothing without power –  a tiny nation cannot determine its own destiny if it is bullied and coerced by others; and a tiny nation we will become if we choose Brexit.

The fact that 35% of the national vote is enough to win government, with an unelected House of Lords having the right to veto legislation passed through the “people’s” House of Commons, means that enough is also said about the ignorance of the ‘democracy’ debate.


The Brexiteer’s utopia of post Brexit UK

Einstein did say that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result is insanity. We wouldn’t trust even our best of friends to perform open heart surgery, yet when it comes to Brexit, the standard response to any ‘expert’ evidence or opinion is ‘rubbish’. So when the rest of the world and their various leaders and commentators (except for ‘Sir’ Donald Trump) continually warn against the perils of Brexit, the criteria for insanity is probably  met.

Some would say that we don’t know much either in today’s conventional reality, but the utter recklessness that is Brexit is borderline schizophrenic – the voices of Farage, Johnson, Marine Le Pen and other puppets of their own delusion keep telling the poor affected British public lies, lies and more lies. As a practicing yogi, I aspire to be compassionate…but how compassionate I must be when their minds have been so corrupted!

A campaign that is sailing into the high seas in the name of economic, political and social genocide, the bad karma that will follow as jobs are lost in the City and the stench of negativity and division that will prevail will result in this country taking a backward step like it has never seen before. A yogi would say:

‘such tamasic thoughts’!

i.e., the lowest and darkest form of the human mind.

Satvic, on the other hand, represents hope, infinite wisdom and compassion. It is everything that a Vote to Remain stands for, in these uncertain times. A vote for solidarity, as a citizen of the world and most of all, as a friend of Europe. The immense achievement of the EU should not be forgotten, as the grounds of this continent are soaked in the blood of many who fought each other so bitterly. Now they are the best of friends. This is no mean achievement. These qualities are what we should be aspiring to.

Satish Kumar would say that:

we should be holistic in our view of the world, we are so inter-connected that rather than going inwards, we should be going outwards and embracing the world..

The EU is part of the UK’s heritage just as much as the UK is part of the EU. Let us be progressive, not regressive. Let the eternal Light within prevail over darkness, for darkness has nowhere else to go except to retreat into its own corner.

The flame that is the Vote to Remain will burn brightly as an example to the rest of the world that the UK will not be dragged down into the depths of despair, but rather rise up and be proud of its British heritage and the part that we play in the world. The irony is that a Vote to Leave campaign pretends exactly that, but the delusion of its fantasies lays bare waste to its hollow claim.



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