The yogibanker turns 1!

The yogibanker turns 1!

Happy birthday! Well, it’s hardly an endearing quality of any well-respected individual to self-wish yourself happy birthday…It is one year though since I posted my first blog on WordPress as the ‘yogibanker’. To journey into the world of blogging was something unique – an outlet for my own inner yearning to express my creativity, away from the high-flying pressurised world of investment banking. To nurture the inner fire that resides within me, to demonstrate that not all people who work in Finance really are the way they are portrayed and demonised by the media. No. We are more than that (see “the yogi banker is born“).
It was a year during which I effectively gave up social media for my own personal use (see The Liberation of Facebook). A decision I now sometimes wonder whether it is the right one, and what I am sacrificing in this highly connected world…but one at the same time that gives me immense relief, a new-found joy and inner peace – that my life is no longer dominated or influenced by social media. Ironically, in the same breath it was also a year that I got involved in a grass-roots local social media campaign to help my dear friends at Haminados in their case with the local council to regain use of their garden (see Death of London, death of the village…).

It was this year as well that I started a regular meditation practice. Almost 90 days on and thanks to my new buddy “the meditation app” (see Meditation & Social Media: going inner…going outer!), my outer world has been transformed as my inner world has shifted (see Meditation: Medicine for the Mind). That world has shifted more so than I expected – not only in becoming a calmer, less anxious person, but also less concerned with the material world and the temporary pleasures it brings. I can only observe that after having visited one of London’s trendiest restaurants the other night, the distinct feeling that this was not my playground anymore remains. I look back then on my original yogi banker post and reflect upon how much I have changed since its humble beginnings.

Vegetarianism has never been far from my radar and this year I took my second plunge at it (see Being vegetarian: the paradox of eating meat)  Hopefully it will last longer than last time’s gallant effort but it’s a step in the right direction for me at least, and how I wish to lead my life.

It was also a year when I made my first steps into thinking about how I can integrate work and alternative and complementary lifestyles together (see The yogi banker visits the Om Yoga Show). It hasn’t quite happened yet, but the vision is there as well as some potential  partners I have met along the way, people I could work with.

So, with 2016 just around the corner, I look forward with much anticipation to what it holds: Bolder, brighter and better. As they say in the corporate world, it’s now time to execute the strategy. I look forward to achieving that.




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