Bankers & Smart Watches

Bankers & Smart Watches

A friend of mine at my local deli in London which I frequent regularly came up to me with a big smile on his face and proudly stated he was going to get an Apple Watch. I know that he loved the I-phone and all that but something seemed wrong with this…

So here we are and the Apple Watch has arrived. My iPhone has been updated with the latest software and all the buzz is around of Apple’s latest product. But no one seems to be rushing to the doors to get one. Am I going to change my rolex, tag heuer, Cartier, Omega etc… for a tiny of piece of smart technology that includes everything that my smart phone already has on an infinitely smaller screen?

Why then bother with Apple Watch you may ask. Classic watches are timeless. Technology is relentless.. Who will want to be wearing an out of date “I Watch”? And that this is the irony of it all and why I believe the smart watch is destined to fail: its very definition of a piece of technology means that is competing with items that do not fade or become irrelevant thanks to technological progress.

As compared to other technological products, bankers and the like already have the latest iPhone or whatever is the premium brand of smartphone; they have no other choice in that regard. As for smart watches, the choice is ABUNDANTLY clear and almost limitless. If I bought a Cartier 5 years ago, I could still wear it today in a professional or social setting with no problems at all. Its power and beauty will not age.  Smart watches on the other hand…No one of any stature will want to be seen wearing an out of date piece of machinery in meeting rooms and the like; and that’s point – watches are a fashion statement. The Smart Watch will end up becoming a burden because its own technological development will cause its demise. It will simply fade to irrelevance as the market evolves. Maybe there will be a “classic smart watch” that costs thousands of dollars, but with the cost of servicing it being an issue (we all know that Apple has cornered this area of its products) and the performance of these items fading as time grows older, I cannot help but feel this product has a short commercial shelf life.   I could be wrong, but I can’t see this one becoming part and parcel of our society like all other recent technological developments. When it comes down it, who needs a frickn Smart Watch?? No one.. unlike the i-pod, I-pad and I-phone which were all technological advances in themselves.

In all, I think this is one area in our lives we don’t need innovation – lets remain human for just one little bit, rather than be defined by codes and all things computing.


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